ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Training Course

ITIL Certification Course Overview

This ITIL foundation course provides you with a firm understanding of the ITIL 4 framework, core concepts and terminologies of ITIL service lifecycle. By the end of this ITIL certification, you will understand how ITIL evolved to adopt modern technologies and operational processes as well as the necessary concepts in a service management framework.

ITIL Training Key Features

  • 19 PDUs for self-paced learning
  • 22 PDUs for online classroom flexi pass offered
  • 30 chapter-end quizzes and 2 industry case studies
  • Four simulation exams
  • Exam voucher included

Skills Covered

  • ITIL key concepts
  • ITIL central principles
  • ITIL process models
  • Service level management
  • Customer experience improvements
  • ITSM efficiency
  • 15 ITIL best practices


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ITIL certification levels, salary, and career benefits in-store


The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) certification is a globally recognized IT service management certification, distributed by Axelos. The ITIL certification is an entry-level qualification in the field of IT service management.

Every professional who wants to develop their career in IT Service Management should consider an ITIL Foundation course. Once certified in ITIL Foundation, you will be able to guide a business organization in executing the best IT service management practices along with using IT as a tool for its growth or change.

Why Get ITIL Certified?

The ITIL certification is applicable in any organization for training since it is not based on any special technique—offering a wide variety of job opportunities in IT companies. IT professionals will learn to create and implement a variety of best practices of quality management along with IT service management, which in turn will result in better growth of the business.

The ITIL Foundation certification is the base for other ITIL certifications and adds two credit points to the qualification scheme of ITIL. This training program helps in increasing the confidence level of the candidates by allowing them to design, implement, and use IT services for the satisfaction of their customers.

The ITIL framework helps provide a common language in delivering IT services—including interacting with suppliers and customers more effectively to overcome any challenges between IT and business to achieve targeted results.

Moreover, the ITIL certification is the best among several other certification courses preferred by professionals of IT service management because it provides basic knowledge about the concepts, core principles, and best practices used in IT service management.

ITIL Certification Levels

The ITIL framework presently offers four levels of the ITIL certification.

Level 1

The first level of the ITIL certification is ITIL Foundation certification, which focuses on building standard terminology and methodology. Learners will obtain knowledge to support and deliver ITIL services. At this level, candidates understand the basics of ITIL and the ways to implement it in a workplace. Along with a practical approach to IT service management, this certification course also focuses on the approach and standards of quality management.

Level 2

The second level of the ITIL certification is the Practitioner level. This level helps improve candidates’ ability to adopt and adapt ITIL within their organizations. ITIL Practitioners learn how to foster a culture of continuous service improvement, as well as how to improve productivity, efficiency, and collaboration between ITSM and the organization as a whole.

Level 3

The third level of the ITIL certification is the ITIL Intermediate certification. There are two categories of certification: Service Lifecycle and Service Capability.

  • Service Lifecycle involves a high level focus of management across several processes of ITIL.
  • Service Capability provides specialized and process-level knowledge in one or more ITIL processes.

Level 4

The fourth level of the ITIL certification is ITIL Expert certification, which is delivered in modular form. Candidates must have passed the previous levels, proving they have the detailed skills and knowledge to clearly understand the entire system of ITIL. Candidates are allowed to choose from a variety of ITIL processes on the basis of their personal requirements. In order to receive the credential, candidates must possess complete and balanced knowledge of the lifecycle of ITIL service to obtain this certification.

Level 5

The fifth level of the ITIL certification is the ITIL Master Level certification, which strengthens and widens the practical application of ITIL knowledge in a variety of settings. The ITIL professionals directly involved in planning, management, and operation of IT service management functions obtain this certification to demonstrate their knowledge. An ITIL Master can describe and justify how they have chosen and used ITIL knowledge, principles, techniques, and methods along with supporting management techniques to achieve the expected business outcome.

Eligibility for the ITIL certification

Though anyone working in the IT service industry can take the ITIL Foundation certification course, it is ideal for service delivery professionals, operation managers, production support engineers, and quality analysts. It is the best-suited certification for the IT professionals who want to progress in the IT service sector.

Career benefits of the ITIL certification

Once you are a certified ITIL Foundation professional you will be able to contribute to the overall service improvement program of an organization. You will find a number of job opportunities in IT infrastructure management and IT service design after attaining the ITIL certification.

Combining an ITIL certification with other certifications can significantly increase one’s salary range. For example, someone with a Cisco certification who earns about $83,000 a year can jump to more than $96,000 with ITIL salary.

Getting ITIL certified can help boost your career in IT. Ensure you are in top shape for the ITIL 2011 exam with Simplilearn’s ITIL 2011 Foundation certification training. Simplilearn also offers a variety of other ITIL training courses, including ITIL Expert programs.

Course Price

BDT 27,000

Course Price

BDT 70,000
Blended Learning

ITIL® 4 Foundation

Lesson 01 – Course Introduction
Lesson 02 – Key Concepts of Service Management
Lesson 03 – Four Dimensions of Service Management
Lesson 04 – The ITIL Service Value System
Lesson 05 – The Service Value Chain
Lesson 06 – ITIL Management Practices
All of our highly qualified trainers are ITIL®-certified with more than 15 years of experience in training and working in the IT domain.
Yes. The examination fee is included in the course fee.
The ITIL® 4 Foundation certificate does not expire.
Online classroom training for ITIL® is conducted via live streaming and run by an ITIL-certified trainer with more than 15 years of work and training experience. The class is attended by a global audience to enrich your learning experience.
Combining an ITIL® certification with other certifications can significantly increase your salary range. For example, a Cisco certification holder who earns about $83,000 a year can jump to more than $96,000 in salary with an ITIL certification.
The ITIL Certification Scheme comprises of the following levels: ITIL Foundation ITIL Specialist modules (3) ITIL Strategist ITIL Leader ITIL Master One of the main characteristics of the new ITIL 4 certification scheme is that it now follows two different designation streams: ITIL Managing Professional (ITIL MP) and ITIL Strategic Leader (ITIL SL). These two streams are intended to provide learners with greater clarity about how and where they can improve their skills and set them apart from peers. To become an ITIL® Managing Professional (ITIL MP) learners must complete the following modules: ITIL 4 Foundation ITIL Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support ITIL Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value ITIL Specialist: High-Velocity IT ITIL Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve* To become an ITIL Strategic Leader (ITIL SL) learners must complete the following modules: ITIL 4 Foundation ITIL Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve* ITIL Leader: Digital & IT Strategy *Universal module for both ITIL® designation streams In order to be eligible to become an ITIL Master, learners must have both the ITIL Managing Professional (ITIL MP) and ITIL Strategic Leader (ITIL SL) designations. Further details about how to become an ITIL Master will be released at a later time studying for the ITIL Foundation exam
ITIL® 4 should be seen as an expansion of the time-tested ITIL framework, not a replacement. ITIL®4 and ITIL® V3 provide guidance based on the same underlying principles, but ITIL® 4 takes a new approach to present this guidance. While ITIL® 4 retains many of the core elements of ITIL® V3, and much of the existing guidance will be recognizable in parts of ITIL® 4, the new modules are distinct from the old ones.
The transition will be a gradual process, allowing our learners to have enough time to move from ITIL® v3 to ITIL 4 and to continue collecting their ITIL v3 Intermediate credits to enable the transition to ITIL Managing Professional.
If you have achieved six credits or more since your V3 Foundation certification, then it is in your best interest to continue collecting V3 credits to prepare yourself for an easy transition to ITIL 4 and gain the ITIL Managing Professional designation. You will need to reach seventeen credits to be eligible to take the ITIL Managing Professional transition module.


This ITIL V4 certification training course is best suited for IT executives, IT architects, operations managers, IT audit managers, IT planners and consultants, database administrators, ITSM trainers, service delivery professionals, quality analysts, application management and development teams, and IT managers. Obtaining the ITIL V4 foundation certification is available to both seasoned IT professionals and those fresh in their IT career.


To take the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification exam, no prerequisite is required.

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